Manage and enhance
guest experience

Front Office

Track your reservations and guests

Front Office is one of the most comprehensive and important modules for day-to-day tasks and guest management. It includes a broad range of features, from a Booking Chart to aid in managing guests across a range of dates and rooms, to guest Cashiering functions and various statistical reports for availability, revenue and guest information.

The Front Office module includes Reception, Reservations and Cashiering.

Maxial front office booking chart showing in house guests and room availability

Create and manage room rates


Report on past, current and future occupancy




Check in guests and groups


Receive bookings from booking engines/channel managers


Guest services


Maxial housekeeping floor display showing detailed room information

Clean Rooms

The Housekeeping module allows the management of room attendants and their daily assignments, customising service types for different room types, recording and returning lost items, and offers various Maintenance and Out of Service features.


Clean rooms


Close/open rooms


Create maintenance/lost & found jobs

Stock Control

Manage stock and menu recipes

The Stock Control module is primarily used to manage Stock Levels across many outlets, departments and stock rooms.

This module has functionality including monthly Stock Takes, stock requisitioning for both internal transfers and purchases, generating purchase orders and generating and paying supplier invoices. When using the invoicing functionality, Stock Control directly integrates with the Back Office module for payment processing.

Stock Control also has the option to integrate directly with the Maxial POS, automatically decrementing stock whenever linked items are sold.

Maxial stock take list with detailed item quantities and variance

Track stock levels


Create and approve new stock orders


Stock take

Accounts Payable

Maxial accounts payable supplier voucher payment

Pay supplier invoices

Accounts Payable is managed through both the Stock Control and Back Office modules. The processing through Stock Control allows for easy generation of purchase orders and general invoices, invoice payment and final approval for payment. Payments are then processed through Back Office.


Create manual invoices


EFT payments


Reporting options


Manage guest activities

The Activities module allows configuring and management of just about any type of non-accommodation related booking. It can be used to manage and take payment for both self-operated Activities and third-party-operated Activities, ranging from transportation to tours to recreational activities.

Settlements for Activities can be paid via any normal payment method and can also be transferred to a City Ledger account or a guest account.

The Activities module also includes a booking chart like the Front Office booking chart to help to maintain and manage Activity bookings by date, time and type of Activity.

Maxial activity booking chart with guest booked small bush walk activity

Create activities


Print activity tickets


Track daily guest activities

City Ledger

Maxial city ledger payment screen showing invoices to be paid

Manage accounts receivable

The Maxial City Ledger module is used to track, sort and maintain receivable revenues due to the hotel. Within this module a user can create new customer and agent accounts, create, adjust, transfer and pay off invoices, manage travel agent commissions and prepare accounts receivable statements and aged trial balances.


Travel agent & company


Create gift vouchers


Invoice payments

Sales & Marketing

Extensive marketing reports

The Sales & Marketing module provides an enormous and diverse amount of information which can be used to analyse who your customers are and where they are coming from. It is within the Sales & Marketing module that the Marketing Reports are set up and can be printed. The reports can also be set to be printed, emailed or saved as pdf files in the Night Audit.

Maxial MIREPS report showing detailed market information

Create room allotments


Detail guest reporting


Central Reservation Systems management


Maxial function booking chart showing confirmed and tentative wedding and conference bookings

Manage property banquets

Within the Functions module you can run your conference and event department. It allows you to block rooms, add food, beverage and equipment menus and produce quotes and event sheets at a click of a button. The Functions module can be used to book, maintain and bill distinct types of Functions such as Weddings, Conferences, Meetings and other general events. Functions allows the configuration of many types of events, rooms, room styles, food and beverage menus and equipment hire.

Billing for Functions is done directly through the Functions module and can be billed to any typical payment method or can also be charged through to either a City Ledger account or a guest account.

The Functions module also contains a booking chart to assist with easy management of Function bookings by date and time.


Create function bookings


Create function invoices


Room and equipment setup

POS Manager

Manage property sales

It is within this module that majority of the setup for Maxial POS is configured. The POS table layout screens, outlets, recipes, menus and waiters are created in this module as well as many other features. Many reports can also be extracted from this module.

This module also has various reporting and enquiry functionality to help keep track of sales and statistics, as well as preview closed and current checks outside of Maxial POS.

Maxial menu designer with a list of recipes and menu item information

Create menus


Recipe management


Outlet setup

Night Audit

Maxial night audit process showing list of all night audit steps

Post room charges

The Night Audit module is where the daily rollup is handled for the property. The Night Audit process covers dozens of regular daily tasks with minimal user input, ranging from closing cashiers, posting the guest charges for the day and automatically generating and emailing a selection of core reports.


Process night audit


Email daily reports


Night audit enquiry

Back Office

Payment integration and process payments

The Back Office module is primarily to process payments, bank reconciliation and for integrations to third-party General Ledger systems.

Maxial back office integration showing journal file extraction

Bank reconciliation


Approve & process payments


Extract to account software

Hotel Configuration

Maxial hotel configuration showing detailed setup information for hotel

Manage property

The Hotel Configuration module is where the property's building layout and property specific settings are managed.


Property and room setup


Custom database enquiries


Tax management